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All About Peoria Concrete Driveways

Have you ever thought of renovating your home and adding a driveway? For any kind of home renovation or upgrade, working on a concrete driveway project is always a great idea since it does not only add value to the property but is also functional. Before even thinking of reselling the property, you can use this driveway so long as it is properly maintained.

Concrete provides lots of advantages such as standing up to a lot of traffic and weight, especially for larger, heavier vehicles. That is why concrete driveways are the best choice. When it comes to concrete, it’s not only tough and reliable but it can also help your Peoria property look better. Moreover, our Peoria concrete contractors can provide some high-quality concrete driveways that will surely last long.

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Stamped Concrete Driveways in Peoria Il

There are so many good things that stamped concrete offers. It is cost-effective, has flexible floor decorative options, a wide range of coloring agents, and achieves a natural look for your driveway. But before we dive into the details and specifics of stamped concrete driveways for your new project, let us discuss a couple of the other usual material options and compare them with stamped concrete.

Stamped Concrete Contractors Peoria vs Pavers

If you’re still unsure and thinking about what to use for your new concrete driveway installation or patio, Peoria stamped concrete and pavers are the two best that come to mind. They can be both have similar looks and are long-lasting. Their main differences are mostly in the duration of Peoria installation, cost, decorations, and maintenance. However, they both come with their own pros and cons.

When it comes to the cost, pavers are usually more expensive compared to stamped concrete with a price difference of around $8-12 per square foot. Of course, those prices are just for basic projects. It is still subject to change for much more complicated projects. For the installation, Peoria concrete pavers take a longer Peoria installation time due to the workforce needed. But another good thing with concrete pavers is that they can be used immediately right after installation

For the decoration, both of these actually have great flexibility in terms of the options that they give. Peoria concrete pavers are great if you want to achieve a natural appearance, shapes, and sizes of stone. As mentioned earlier, stamped concrete and concrete pavers can have a resemblance in their looks, with that, you can also surely achieve the mentioned stone-like appearance. The choice will most likely depend on what look are you trying to achieve. If you are looking for easy customization of color, then Illinois stamped concrete is most likely the best option for you.

Stamped Illinois Concrete vs Asphalt for Driveways

Another great comparison with stamped illinois concrete is the asphalt. These 2 peoria materials are usually used for building the Peoria concrete driveway of a house. Despite their similarity of being produced through sand and stones, the main difference in their component is their adhesive materials with asphalt being petroleum-based and concrete using cement.

For the cost, asphalt driveways usually cost cheaper than stamped concrete with a price of $2-4 per square foot. Peoria Illinois Concrete driveways are usually priced $4-6 per sq ft, but both of those prices are subject to change depending on the prices of crude oil. The said price range is just for standard installation, it will still likely increase if you also consider the finishing and details. In terms of its appearance, a concrete driveway has more flexible options compared to asphalt because asphalts tend to not go well with finishing, etching, or stamping. 

Another important thing to consider in choosing between the 2 is the climate and weather that your location is usually experiencing. High temperatures can soften asphalt driveways that might stick to the wheels of your car, your shoes, and so on. For low temperatures like cold winter, concrete driveways have a chance to crack due to constant freezing and thawing. 

Peoria Concrete Driveway Repair

No matter how sturdy and durable concrete may seem, all construction materials will still eventually require some driveway repair Peoria. There are numerous reasons that may cause concrete to get damaged. This is why it is important to first check the concrete and see what the cause is in the first place. Naturally, there are also several different repair methods that match those different concrete driveway repair damages.

Filling Driveway Concrete Holes

Some smaller cracks or holes typically don’t cause that much problem or threat to the overall structure of the concrete driveway, however, they may still affect the appearance of the concrete by a bit. Because of that, these cracks and holes are relatively easier to temporarily fix by having concrete driveway contractors filling or patching them. 

It is important to remember that fillers and patches are visibly different than the concrete they are applied to. If you’re considering using fillers and patches on a lot of small cracks, it may turn the Peoria driveway visually unappealing with all the blotchy areas. Since this is simply a temporary fix, you may find several problems with it with some help from your local Illinois concrete contractors. 

Concrete Recoloring

Another common problem that naturally occurs with concrete driveways is discoloration. This is because the Peoria home concrete driveway is attached to the exterior of the property. Because of this, it would be affected a lot by weathering and sun exposure. Not to mention, other factors such as improper color application, and absorption of substances like grease and oil stains can also cause discoloration.

Large Concrete Crack Repair

If you notice some larger concrete driveway or Peoria foundation repair potholes, spalling, or discoloration, then you can fix them by covering them with a cover or a concrete overlay. This concrete overlay is essentially a thin layer of cement-based material that is applied directly over the existing concrete. Additionally, this could also be a great option since it allows you to add decorative finishes such as stamping or coloring with the help of a local concrete contractor.

While you’re in the middle of fixing the larger Illinois foundation cracks on your driveway, you can also redecorate it, making it look brand new even without the added work and expense of removing the concrete driveway as well as installing a brand new concrete driveway or other structures such as an Illinois patio. 

Concrete Slab Leveling

Another problem that may occur with your concrete driveway is when the driveway concrete patio slabs are sinking in certain areas. These are typically due to a poorly compacted subgrade or Peoria il soil erosion. There is something called “slab jacking”, which basically means raising the slab by adding a mixture of sand, cement, fly ash, and other additives beneath the Peoria il slab. 

Why Get Peoria Concrete Contractors Concrete Driveway 

Some may be wondering, out of all the materials that can be used for installing an east Peoria driveway, why choose concrete as the foundation? Certainly, you may be curious about other materials, but there are also reasons why concrete stands out so much. Here are some reasons why concrete is so popular for business.

Concrete Driveway Installation Cost-effectiveness

Driveways are always a great addition to any property. It adds value and attractiveness, and it is an overall great investment. The only problem with this is that people without the use of driveways would normally not even consider it. Although some may consider it an unnecessary expense, using concrete can be a great advantage as it is cheaper and can provide your property with a decent home business value costs increase.

Long-lasting Concrete

Not only does it save money by surviving for a long time, but since it is a well-established fact that concrete is considerably durable, This makes a solid combination with driveways, which requires some great durability for heavy traffic. Even after some years, concrete driveways are able to withstand the strength required. Contacting our concrete contractors Peoria can give you a proper estimate.

Peoria Illinois Aesthetic Concrete Appeal

Naturally, the driveway would be in front of your house, making it a crucial element for your property’s curb appeal. The plain grey concrete may not be what comes to mind when talking about decoration and appeal. Although it is quite well known for its strength and durability, you would surely also want it to make your home stand out more. In fact, one of the main reasons why concrete and contractors concrete has suddenly become so popular and had high rating is because of the discovery of many concrete designing methods such as staining, stamping, and coloring.

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