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Are you worried about the state of the concrete foundation underneath your property? This concrete foundation can be suffering from so much stress that could deal with some major structural damage within your home. What’s worse is that it is not something that you can easily notice until something drastic occurs.

Issues with foundations can be scary. Whether you’re a homeowner or someone planning to buy a property, it is important to check the condition of the very foundation. Even if your concrete foundation may be damaged, fortunately, there are foundation repair Peoria methods for concrete foundation so that you wouldn’t have to bother tearing it out and starting from scratch. 

If you’re worried, it is important to check the foundation yourself only for some obvious issues or have an expert Illinois concrete foundation crack repair contractor do the assessment for you. If needed, you can also ask an Illinois structural engineer.

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Indications Of Foundation Crack Repair Needs

Even if you’re worried about your foundation repairs, you can never be sure that there really is a problem. Although these foundations should be able to be established after some amount of time, problems may arise when it becomes uneven or extreme. You should keep your eyes peeled for misaligned doors and windows and cracked or uneven floors. 

At times, foundation repair problems may even include floors sticking out, cracks within the walls, or doors that won’t close. One of the main causes of these problems is when only a part of the foundation settles, causing cracks and other damage. Some differential crawl movements can also be the result of differences in soil moisture. With that said, the loss or gain of soil moisture can cause serious shrinkage or swelling.

What Causes Damage To Concrete Peoria Foundation?

The integrity of your house foundation is very important as it also pertains to our own safety, especially when a natural disaster comes. It is very important to pay attention to such small details and signs that might indicate foundation repair problems in your unit. But you might wonder, what are the main causes why such things happen? Below are some of the main reasons why so you can be aware and call an expert Peoria foundation repair if such a problem occurs.

  • Improperly Constructed Illinois Foundation Repair

One of the main causes of damage to Peoria Il concrete foundations is, of course, that it was not properly built. But what does it mean? How can you say that it was improperly built? An example is when the foundation was constructed on top of two or more different soil types. As you know, the different kinds of soil also differ in how much water they absorb. That is where the problem comes into play and causes structural damage to your house or unit.

The next point talks about what are the effects of water absorption on your Peoria Il foundation and how it can cause damage. But for the problem of different soil types being used for your foundation, one of the solutions is to inject chemical grout to strengthen and solidify the soil. It is also worth mentioning that bad Peoria County soil preparation and compaction can also cause foundation problems, so make sure that your foundation contractor does that job well.

  • The Soil Under The Foundation Repair Swells

So what does too much water absorption of the soil do to your foundation? Well, too much water saturation makes the soil expand and swell. When that happens, the Peoria Il foundation built above the soil gets pushed upward due to the expansion. These are the main reasons why you might be seeing some cracks on the floor, walls, ceilings, and so on. This problem can also affect some areas of the floor to get pushed upward, like some kind of a hump, making it in need of leveling.

Too much water saturation and moisture to an area of the soil causes the foundation to have uneven support due to the compaction or erosion of soil. Moreover, it is also important to know how too much water absorption happens. As mentioned earlier, there are different kinds of soil, and it is also an indicator of whether it absorbs water badly or is good. But also, you should consider knowing the different sources that can moist the foundation contributing to its damage. There are floods, snow melting, plumbing leaks, heavy rains, and broken sewer lines. 

  • Improper Drainage Causing Soil Erosion

Now that you know how important the saturation and moisture of your Peoria soil are due to the possibility of soil erosion or compaction, another common cause of the structural problems is the lack of proper drainage around the vicinity of your home. Some of the common drainage problems that you might encounter are clogged downspouts and gutters, water pooling near the foundation, and low areas that are prone to flooding when a heavy rain comes. 

Assessing The Foundation Crack

Assessing the damage is always an important first step regardless of what you’re trying to repair. It has already been established that there are several reasons why foundations can get damaged, which also have their own respective repair methods. To effectively repair your basement wall crack damages it is important to first investigate your home’s foundation.

After some time, the soil around the foundation settles. Water can begin to infiltrate the foundation walls and the concrete expands and contracts due to changes in temperature. You can easily take a guess that those previously mentioned factors can result in weakening the foundation’s concrete, making it more prone to cracks that can grow bigger over time, causing a major problem if not taken care of.

There are actually some crack repair Peoria methods to determine what caused the damage depending on the cracks. One example is that settling soil usually causes horizontal foundation wall crack and can be thin or wide, depending on the extent of the soil movement. This is usually the most common reason for foundation cracking and the need for crack repair foundation.

Basement Foundation Repair

Moisture is actually a huge problem when it comes to foundation repair basement. This is because when faced with concrete, moisture can lead to water infiltrating the concrete and seeping through to the other side inside your basement, which can spell problems as well. This water can creep into the concrete, making cracks by building pressure within the concrete foundation.

If you were to look it up, moisture actually produces a lot of damage to any construction, not just concrete. Even soil can swell up when wet, creating excessive pressure and stress on concrete. You can determine this as the problem as the cracks they produce tends to be vertical or diagonal. 

As for expansion and contraction cracks from concrete foundations, they only appear as hairline cracks in a vertical or diagonal way. As they are thin, they do not pose much of a problem compared to cracks caused by settling or moisture space infiltration. But even so, it is still important to take care of them immediately before they grow to be something more dangerous.

Peoria Il Foundation Repair Services

You can do the inspection so that you would not need to unnecessarily call upon foundation repair services for damage that does not exist, however, when it comes to the actual repairs, anything that seems drastic should be left in the hands of experts. Keep note that you’re dealing with the foundation of your house space, meaning a wrong step may make things a whole lot worse.

Our concrete contractors are professional experts that work on concrete. It could be difficult to find yourself a trustworthy concrete contractor that also provides great service, however, our concrete contractors are professionals. We have experience and have been dealing with such work for years. 

Crawl Space Repair Hairline Cracks

Although these are not as drastic as larger crawl space cracks, you should still be careful of the potential dangers of dealing with them. With that said, a crawls space concrete patching compound should be able to do the job nicely. From this point on, it is best to follow the steps recommended by the manufacturer. You can go with applying a crawl concrete bonding adhesive or primer/additive to create the best bond possible between the old surface and the patching material.

With this, any brush, even a paintbrush should be enough to control the liquid into the crack and around the crawl space crack edges. A putty knife or trowel will also prove useful for applying a vinyl patching compound in multiple layers as bowing wall repair, do so if suggested by the manufacturer. Only the amount of patching should be mixed while firmly pressed in order to force the initial layer into the crack for crawl space repair.

Concrete Crack Repair Peoria Wall Sealing

When the crack has already been set or dried, you’re ready to apply waterproof masonry sealer to the foundation walls. With this, water infiltration would be prevented. With this, the existing paint and coatings must be removed from the surface and the concrete must be able to absorb water. You can also consult your local Peoria concrete contractors to avoid mistakes.

Apply the sealer with a brush directly to the patch, next, you can proceed with applying the coating with a large brush or masonry roller. Be sure to properly get the sealant within the patch and around it by a few inches to 1′ to ensure a proper seal. Call professional contractors for more information.

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