Concrete Repair Or Concrete Removal?

Do you have a damaged concrete slab? Concrete is an extremely durable construction material, however, it is not indestructible. Concrete surfaces will still eventually get damaged no matter how well the installment is done or how frequently you clean and tend to your concrete. 

When this happens, you will have two options for methods of dealing with it, the first concrete repair, which is done when the damage is not yet too severe, or concrete removal, which is often done when the damage is already beyond repair. In any case, if you’re not looking for any specific concrete services, then you may not be sure what to get for your concrete surface, then it is best to make sure what both these services provide.

Some may also need to get one of the two specific services depending on the cause of the damage, however, in general, both concrete services can have their own ups and downs, we will be identifying what these differences are in terms of whatever they provide. 

Concrete Repair

When it comes to simple concrete repair, these services are typically taken when there are no plans of replacing the concrete slab and if the repairs are doable. Compared to regular concrete removal and replacement, repairs are certainly way cheaper. This is because compared to simple repairs, replacements require the removal of the slab. 

This means that a demolition team might be required, what’s more, you would also need to pay for the new concrete slab or material if you’re planning to change things up. With concrete repair services, the only things that need payment are the repair materials, as well as a small labor fee. 

Although it is possible to buy the repair materials and try to repair the concrete by yourself, it is not really advised. This is because professional Peoria concrete contractors can typically buy construction materials cheaper and in bulk. What’s more, is that they have special equipment that is suited for the job, paired with their expert skills and experience. With that said, mistakes are avoidable unlike the work of an amateur homeowner, while also guaranteeing the quality of the repair. 

Some homeowners also tend to just leave out their damaged concrete until the damage becomes severe. This is not tolerated as small damages such as smaller cracks may sometimes not even require professional help so long as it is in a manageable quantity. It is important to at least tend to them with fillers as leaving them open will just make damages worse. Fillers will at the very least, preserve the surface for a bit and protect them from moisture penetrating through.

Concrete Removal

Now, as mentioned earlier, concrete removal is typically done to replace the concrete surface with a newer one when damages are beyond repair. However, concrete removal may also be done if you’re thinking of replacing the concrete surface with a different type of material. This is normally not recommended as it may be more expensive depending on the type of material and concrete is practically already one of the best construction materials.

Concrete removal, as a repair method, is only done when damages to the surface are severe, thus, it is not as cheap of a method compared to simple concrete repairs. Take note that concrete removal should not be taken lightly and done by homeowners themselves, at the very least, they should grab a few capable helping hands with one person that knows what they’re doing. 

If you’re going with DIY removal, properly make sure that you’re prepared for the demotion part of the process. You would also be mixing and pouring the concrete by yourself. With that said, it is highly recommended for amateurs to get professional help.